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The Future of Software Engineering: Panel Discussions

22-23 November 2010, ETH Zurich


Panel I

Panelists: Barry Boehm, Manfred Broy, Erich Gamma, Michael A. Jackson, David L. Parnas, Niklaus Wirth, and Pamela Zave.

Session chair: Rustan Leino

Speaking about the field of software engineering in general terms is difficult, as is revealed in Panel I. Top researchers debate whether any real progress has been made during the past decades and how to distinguish between good and bad software. The relationship with other disciplines, such as mechanical engineering and civil engineering, is heavily discussed. Panel I allows the reader to compare and contrast dominant voices in software engineering; it serves as an aid for lecturers in explaining to engineering students how to see the wood for the trees in the complicated field of software engineering.

Panel II

Panelists: Yuri Gurevich, Rustan Leino, Bertrand Meyer, Andreas Zeller, and Patrick Cousot.
(Respecting Patrick Cousot's request not to transcribe his oral remarks, the editors have paraphrased some of the points he raised and which were taken up by other panelists.)

Session chair: Michael A. Jackson

Panel II addresses specific topics in software engineering, such as concurrency, program verification, and the contradistinction between software today versus how it should be in the future. Is it possible to increase the level of abstraction without paying a price in program performance? What is the difference between engineering verification and real verification? What is the role of program specifications in today's development practice? Answers to these questions are presented in Panel II.

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Conversations Volume 2011 Issue 2
The Future of Software Engineering: Panel Discussions
22-23 November 2010, ETH Zurich
Edited by Edgar G. Daylight and Sebastian Nanz
Paperback, 44 + ii pages
Published November 2011
ISBN 9789491386015
Conversations ISSN 2034-5976

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